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Hi, I am Komal Bhatia

Founder of Disey Careers- A Career Counselling Services Venture & this blog website, CCM, a Certified Career Counsellor, Career Analyst, Educator, accidental Blogger, and Content Writer who loves to write content on different social media platforms, related to careers, education, interview preparation, courses, personality development, life skills, study abroad and many more…

I am a Graduate in Commerce, Post Graduate (M.A) in Education, and B.Ed qualified. By Profession, I am an Educator and by Passion, I am a Career Counsellor. I love helping and guiding students & professionals in finding their passion & calling and who are confused to choose their career path or want to change their careers. Experienced in guiding students in choosing their careers, and hands-on experience in Psychometric tests. 


Let’s Start my Journey so far from the Beginning!

I am a girl that belongs to an Indian middle-class family, who wants to build a life without limiting herself within the norms of society. I always wanted to do something that makes me feel happy, something that makes me feel alive, that gives me a sense of pride, something through which I could bring a change in someone’s life even if it’s one person only. Back then not sure, which career path I wanted to choose, as I was a more than average student in my school life, but my teachers’ expectations were always high for me.

After my 10th board results, my teachers wanted me to take science stream in 11th, but I didn’t want as I never liked science and maths, never knew that I wanted to study humanities because there were no humanities subjects in my school, and due to lack of information I chose commerce, as that was the only available option other than science and maths.

I took commerce, and score good percentile in the 12th board, still was unaware of the fact that there are beautiful humanities subjects that exist. I took admission in an undergraduate program in commerce. I did my graduation. But while I was in college I used to go to the college’s library where I accidentally came across psychology books. I started reading one of the books. It seems interesting to me. I came to know more about psychology and other humanities subjects. It was quite interesting for me to read all those books. I came to know then, my interest is in humanities.

I took admission in Post graduate program M.A. in education, where is studied education, psychology, and sociology. I scored very well. That two years in college of my postgraduation was fun to me I was really enjoying studying those subjects. After that, I started teaching at a school in my city. Then I did B.Ed to build my career in teaching as I was enjoying teaching, but that inner feeling was still missing.

After teaching for around 7-8 years,I came to know about a career counselling program. That is when I knew that this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to help students who are confused to choose their careers, either because of a lack of information, or because of other societal factors like parents, teachers, peer pressure, and many others.

I took a step forward and took an internship for a year under a professional career counsellor who had experience in guiding and counseling students for more than 15 years. Then, I did two certification programs from well-known institutes. I worked under the supervision of my guide as a freelancer career counsellor . We visited colleges and schools and took workshops.

Then I founded Disey Careers to start my own venture to provide personalized Career Counselling Services to help students and professionals who want to bring change in their careers or to choose one. With working I came to know about the concept of blogging through which I can build reach to many students, who want to seek personalized help and guidance, and also through this platform I can give my insights about the various careers, jobs, internships, and many more.

In this Blog, you will get articles regarding various trending and current careers, colleges to take admission in, knowledge about various upcoming courses, interview preparation, counselling topics, life skills topics, personality development, and so on…

Thank You,

For visiting my blog and reading it so far.

Would love to get your feedback regarding this blog and if anyone wants to take personal guidance can contact me.


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